Driver Safety Quiz

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1. Spokesperson Donald Driver, who always wears his seat belt, is NOT one of the following:
  The Green Bay Packers’ all-time leader in receptions and receiving yards
Winner of the “Dancing with the Stars” competition in 2012
A best-selling author
The inventor of a golf club used primarily for tee shots
2. In case of a crash, the best possible protection against being ejected from your vehicle or thrown around violently inside it is to:
  Always wear your safety belt—every trip, every time
Try to relax and let the airbags deploy
Crank up the car’s sound system REALLY loud to muffle your screams
Discover a way to go back in time so you have a second-chance to buckle up
3. Wisconsin’s mandatory safety belt law means that you must buckle up:
  Whenever you drive or ride in a car or truck
Only during the Click It or Ticket safety belt enforcement campaign
Only when traveling on a four-lane highway
Only when you can afford to spend a whopping 2-seconds to avoid serious injury or death
4. Texting while driving is illegal in Wisconsin with the penalty being:
  All use of your thumbs is banned for a month
A hefty fine and four demerit points
Your smartphone is replaced with a 1980s era phone that is the size of a brick
Your friends won’t be caught dead with you
5. Texting while driving is the equivalent of:
  Driving blindfolded for the length of a football field at 55 mph
Drinking milk two months after the expiration date
Poking a badger with a sharp stick
Diving into the deep end with no water in the pool
6. If you need to use your cell phone while driving you should:
  Go ahead if you’re experienced at multi-tasking
Comb your hair in the rear view mirror to look good if you get stopped for distracted driving
Call your insurance agent and double your coverage
Pull off the road into a safe spot before using your phone
7. Motorcyclists should always wear proper protective clothing and safety gear which includes:
  A brightly colored bandana and cool sunglasses
A tank top and flip-flops
A Chicago Bears’ or Minnesota Vikings’ jersey
A US DOT approved helmet, eye protection or helmet face shield, heavy-duty or leather jacket, heavy-duty or leather long-pants, over-the-ankle boots, full-fingered leather gloves
8. “Sharing the road” with motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians means you should do all of the following EXCEPT:
  Watch for motorcyclists especially at intersections and while making turns or lane changes
Leave a safe distance of at least 3-feet of clearance when passing bicyclists traveling in the same direction
Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
Act as if you own the road and maintain a menacing presence to everyone else
9. All of the following facts about exceeding speed limits are true EXCEPT:
  Speeding reduces the time you have to react to a traffic hazard
Speeding increases the distance needed to safely stop or slow down
Speeding hinders your ability to control your vehicle in sharp curves
Speeding can easily double your gas mileage
10. Last year, police issued more than 200,000 citations in Wisconsin for:
  Speeding and failure to fasten safety belts
Failure to dim headlights and display of ridiculous bumper stickers
Excessive horn honking and possession of a depleted pine-tree air freshener on a rearview mirror
Operating a riding lawnmower on an interstate highway and making “mooing” sounds while passing cows in a field


Donald Driver always wears his seatbelt! Why wouldn't you?

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