Motorcycle Safety starts with 5=Zero.

The goal of 5=ZERO is to reduce motorcycle fatalities to zero by promoting and providing options covering the five main areas of motorcycle safety.

On average for the years from 2011 to 2015, traffic crashes annually have killed about 84 motorcyclists and injured approximately 2,050 in Wisconsin.

Motorcycling is inherently more dangerous than driving a car. Handling characteristics are unique, and rider skills must be at a level capable of safe operation. Yet an overwhelming majority of all riders in Wisconsin have never even taken a basic rider education course.

The keys to reducing fatalities through 5=ZERO include:

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  1. Ride Unimpaired
  2. Wear Protective, Conspicuous Gear
  3. Get Trained and Licensed
  4. Use Safe Riding Practices
  5. Inspect and Maintain Your Motorcycle

Remember…Motorcycling is a life-long learning experience!

Ride Safe!

Listen to first hand accounts of how motorcycle crashes and not being properly equipped for riding have affected riders and their friends and families throughout Wisconsin.

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Did you know?

The number of residents holding a Class M (motorcycle license) increased by 19% from 450,552 in 2006 to 536,520 in 2015.

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