Speeding and other driver behaviors

Speeding is not worth the risk.

Driving just 5 mph over the speed limit puts drivers, their passengers and everyone else on the road at a greater risk of a serious crash. Stopping distances increase and reaction time decreases at higher speeds.

Crashes also are more violent at higher speeds. Last year in Wisconsin, speed-related crashes killed 155 people and injured more than 7,600.

Speeding can be expensive as well as dangerous. Under state law, the costs of speeding citations range from $175 to $893 along with three to six demerit points.

Despite the dangers and expense of speeding, too many drivers willingly exceed posted limits. Speeding is by far the most common traffic conviction statewide, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. There were more than 171,000 speeding convictions last year. Approximately one out of five traffic convictions last year was for speeding.

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The Tortoise and the Snare!

Donald Drive always buckles up

While 86 percent of Wisconsin drivers buckle up, it’s well below the national average of 88 percent for safety belt use.

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