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Distracted Driving & Texting

Driving deserves your undivided attention

Despite laws to prevent distracted driving, too many motorists still talk and text on cell phones while behind the wheel. They eat a meal. They rummage for things on the seats, floor, dashboard or other compartments. They even stare intently in the rearview mirror to comb their hair or apply make-up. Because they’re not paying attention to traffic conditions and road hazards, distracted drivers drastically increase their risks of causing a crash or failing to avoid one.

Although many multi-tasking activities can cause distracted driving, talking and texting on cell phones have received significant public and legislative attention. In November 2012, a state law went into effect that prohibits drivers with an instruction permit or probationary license, which includes many teenagers, from “using a cellular or other wireless telephone except to report an emergency” while driving. A previously enacted state law made texting while driving illegal for all motorists.

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For additional information regarding the risks associated with distracted driving, visit www.Distraction.gov.

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two-time LG U.S. National Texting Champion Austin Wierschke of Rhinelander, Wisconsin never texts while driving.

Are you distracted?

Estimates indicate that drivers using cell phones look but fail to see up to 50 percent of the information in their driving environment.

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